Enterprise resource planning systems, or ERP systems, have become much more accessible to midsize and even smaller companies in that past few years. Standard features have matured, eliminating much of the guesswork of software selection, while the systems have become easier to use. Delivery options have expanded beyond on premise software to include cost-effective options such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud based products. Plenusco ERP is a vast solution for such small and medium sized enterprises at a very low cost compared to other competitive ERP solutions in the market.

Plenusco and Microsoft have worked closely together to test Plenusco ERP solution for reliability, performance, and user experience when viewed with Microsoft Edge running Windows 10. The latest versions of all Plenusco ERP products are compatible.


  • Our products are geared towards the small business owner with a goal of improving operating efficiency. With our applications, businesses can generate transactions and reports using a smart phone, a tablet or a desktop computer.
  • Our products are easily configurable – for example, based on the type of business, i.e. restaurant versus retail, the features and UI implemented can be different
  • Our cloud based applications are designed to use less resources and lower bandwidth resulting in improved performance on any device. Businesses can easily adapt and deploy our products without having to invest in any additional networking or infrastructure resources
  • Plenusco’s products enable the small businesses owner to manage their business from different locations using different devices. Software installation or maintenance is not required as our products are cloud based
  • Our innovative printing solution helps minimize the complexity of printing from any device. We support a variety of printers without requiring the installation of a printer driver
  • Our ERP solution has become easier to use, thanks to new interfaces that guide users through the system, built-in search functionality, and role-based access to data that gives employees only the information they need for their jobs

Manage Purchasing

complete purchasing control to generate and track purchase orders from PO issue to receipts. The Purchasing module provides controls for the complete procurement process, from receiving, inspection, and vendor payment.

  • Maintain the quality and value of a company's products
  • Minimize cash tied-up in inventory
  • Maintain the flow of inputs to maintain the flow of outputs, and ,
  • Strengthen the organization's competitive position
  • Development and review of the product specifications
  • Inspection of good received
  • Their appropriate storage and release
  • Development and review of the product specifications,


  • Eliminate the manual purchasing process
  • Eliminate stock outs
  • Automate reordering of stock inventory
  • Automate clerical functions of purchasing, receiving and accounts payable
  • Integrate to accounts payable and inventory control
  • Monitor vendor performance for meeting delivery dates and quality
  • Minimize the cost per transaction of issuing a purchase order and receiving the products
  • Produce Material Requisitions and Purchase Orders with a minimum of data entry


  • Due dates by line item
  • Maintains a purchase history file by product and by vendor
  • Ability to handle blanket orders
  • Capable of auto emailing PO's
  • Systematic comparison of an invoice to goods received
  • Ability to accept multiple receipts against: an open purchase order
  • Ability to cancel an open purchase order


The warehouse Module is the tool for controlling all inventory-related transactions. Proper inventory management is an essential key to running a successful business. While inventory control is not the most exciting part of running a business, it is commonly the one thing that ties up significant money and resources. Plenusco warehouse module is easy to use, flexible, and powerful. With its advanced features this module is a perfect tool to track and control your inventory


  • Accurate tracking of quantities and costs by product
  • Accurate tracking of committed inventory and products on order for specific jobs
  • Identify slow moving, overstock and obsolete items
  • Multiple inventory locations by product
  • Support standard and actual costing
  • Maintain unlimited number of inventory items
  • Shipments, returns and receiving transactions will result in on-line updates to stock levels and costs
  • Rapidly perform physical inventories and facilitate cycle counting
  • Ability to handle fractional quantities and unit of measure conversions


  • Quantity on hand
  • Quantity on order with vendor
  • Quantity allocated to orders
  • Quantity backordered
  • Identification of slow-moving items
  • Primary and unlimited alternate vendors
  • Vendor lead times, costs and part numbers
  • Inventory type (manufactured, purchased, resale)
  • Inventory location
  • Records Goods return
  • Issuing Delivery Orders
  • Transferring Goods to Different Warehouses
  • Records Goods

Sales and Markerting

The Plenusco Sales module manage all your customer's interactions with your employees. This module helps you maximize customer acquisition, loyalty, retention to improve profitability. Sales functions include Quote, Sales Order and Invoicing. One of the qualities that sets Plenusco apart is our commitment to bringing integrated solutions to our customers. It’s this high level of integration that empowers everyone in your organization — from sales and marketing to accounting and finance to support and shipping — to work together, efficiently, in the business of building profitable customer relationships.

  • Quickly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Easily access payment history and credit limit information
  • Identify availability of products for sales
  • Quickly assist customers with order status
  • Generate more accurate quotes and proposals


  • Allow personnel to prepare estimates with a complex or simple Bill of Customer quickly and accurately
  • Preserve estimated information and enable "one button" conversion to a sales order
  • Track detailed estimated costs that can be compared to actual costs for fine-tuned estimating with service quoting software
  • Track success rates on outstanding estimates with
  • Help sales personnel follow up to increase closing rate
  • Reduce cycle time to process orders
  • Eliminate order processing errors
  • Support strategic information requirements of sales analysis and forecasting including margins, sales rep, territory and product line management


A quotation is used to let a potential customer know the cost of goods or services before they decide to purchase them. When a seller sends a quotation, it commits them to a certain price. This is why quotations are mostly used when costs are relatively stable and the services/goods to be provided can be accurately estimated. The Quotation under the Sales Software Module is cost estimating software that helps any Job Shop prepare estimates, and establish information to customers. It is ideal for any Retail Company in any environment

Sales Order & Invoice

  • Instant availability of all inventoried items
  • On line pricing with discounts for each of your customers
  • Multiple Ship to Address (unlimited)
  • Integrated customer credit and account balances
  • Taxes automatically calculated

Manage Customer

The Customer Module consists of the customer profile screen which is divided into address information , the additional information , the payment information , and the Job Information

Workflow & Notifications

All organizations, regardless of size or industry, need to manage the notification of personnel to respond to business events. Rapidly deploying all essential resources is crucial to an effective response and continuation of business.

  • Send automatic order confirmations to customers
  • Receive notification when customer is placed on or off credit hold
  • Receive notification of past due items
  • Receive notification when quantity on hand go negative

F&B System comes with a comprehensive features to cater for fast food outlets or restaurants.It will help you run your outlet with more efficiency and reduce the manpower needs

Sales Order → From Your Smart Phone

  • Easy order management from any where
  • Can replicate POS terminal screen for easy adaptation
  • Quick search list allows for fast order entry
  • Kitchen printers - POS printer suport - no cable, no driver needed
  • Friendly eMenu - Customize as you want
  • Customize orders wirelessly and send them straight to the kitchen printer
  • Multiple ordering stations
  • iPad/Android tablet,iPhone/Android Phone Support

Manage Invoices

  • Easy to create invoices from your tablet or PC
  • Add items by tapping searching by name or using a barcode scaner, Easily adjust quantities and apply discount
  • Export orders in to Invoice easiliy which reduce the time
  • POS printer suport - no cable, no driver needed
  • Configurable discounts and service charge

Customer Registration

  • Customer Module enables you to provide customers with highly personalized, interactive service on the cloud. You can register customer and make orders against customer.
  • Keep track of your customers with flexible organising and reporting tools

Track Your Expenses

  • Can easily create and submit expense from anywhere , any smart phone or tablet
  • Mobile Friendly Reports


  • Check your daily income from anywhere
  • Google Cloud Print support.So print from anywhere/any device
  • Mobile Friendly Reports


  • Get an instant snapshot of your sales ,expenses and growth as Plenusco Dashboard is updated as soon as sales/expenses are processed.
  • Access your business dashboard from anywhere in the world at any time

Product Management

  • Product management is easy of adding ,editing and removing products, including images.
  • Unlimited menu and food item.

Plenusco Mobile Print Service (PMPS)

Most of the application developers are facing an issue when they want to use printing in mobile. It require to install supporting driver, many printers don’t support mobile platform…etc. The Plenusco Mobile Print Service (PMPS) addressed this issue by introducing generic application that can be used with your application where web/native android. Epson ESC/P protocol supports many printers in industry.

Some of Epson printers are below TM-J2000, TM-J2100, TM-L90, TM-P60, TM-P60II, TM-P80, TM-T20, TM-T20II, TM-T70, TM-T70II, TM-T82II, TM-T88IV, TM-T88V, TM-T90, TM-U220, TM-U230 Some of Zebra models Zebra iMZ220, iMZ320

The Plenusco Mobile Print Service can be used securely enable authorized web pages to make printouts directly from Android phones using printers that support Epson ESC/P protocol. Therefor no driver installation required in device. This can be used to develop mobile web applications that can print invoices, recites, etc... using a portable POS printer. PMPS expose a simple REST endpoint with CORS support to enable web pages to directly submit print jobs to it. However this endpoint is secured by an HTTP ‘Authorization’ header. In order for the application to print using this service the mobile user should manually read this key and provide it to the web application.

Communication Flow

Steps for setting up PMPS

  • 1. Get the PMPS from Google Play store
  • 2. Connect your printer to network. Printer can be wifi printer or with LAN port. Once you connect your printer to network, printer is assigned with IP address. Note: Your printer should support EPSON ESC/P.
  • 3. Open PMPS in your android device. You will see below UI.
  • 4. First of all you need to register the printer that you have connected to same wifi network. Click the “Register” button
  • 5.Enter the printer IP address as below. In your case, IP may be different. (If you need to find out your printer IP from your PC, login to the router and find out the IP)
  • 6.Select the Device Type. If your printer has LAN port and connected to local network using cable or printer support wife , select device type as TCP(wife). If the printer has Bluetooth select the Bluetooth and select USB for direct USB support.
  • 7. Click on “Register” button, once registration successful, you will see below screen with register button is disabled. If the registration is failed, you will get a error message. Note: Registration can be failed due to cable unplug, IP address is wrong or printer does not support EPSON ESC/P.
  • 8.Now you are ready to do test print. Click on “Printer Test”. You will see below screen
  • 9.Click on “Print” button then you will see below screen and check your print out in printer.

Test Using REST service

  • 10. If you have executed until steps 9 mean your printer is ready to use for your application. Go back to main screen by clicking back.
  • 11. Before link with your application, you can fully test and understand how to call REST service. GO to the sample HTML page which has been deployed by Plenusco. Go to device web browser and enter following URL http://print.azurewebsites.net/print.html
  • 12. You need to enter the “secret key” which is HTTP ‘Authorization’ header. Go to the application and copy the “Authorization code” as below. In this example it is 44932
  • 13. Enter paper width that you want. By default it is 80 mm.
  • 14. Go to web browser that you already opened and enter “secret Key“ that you can see on PMPS mail page. (e.g. 44932)
  • 15. You can see sample TML string on the web page. You can print any type of text by modifying TML. In this example, you can print sample TML string. Click on “Print” button. You should be able get print put

Important Points

  • 1. You have not installed any printer driver. It does not matter whether printer support android or not. As long as printer support Epson ESC/P, plenusco enable you to print easily.
  • 2. Your invoices / receipts can be any size. PMPS has TML engine which does printing when you pass any type of TML data.
  • 3. Your application can be web application or native android application. You need to call REST service so PMPS will print for you.

For Developers

In the above steps 11 to 15 you have executed with sample web page. Now you may need to integrate with your application. Here are the points

1. Use HTTP POST and send data to PMPS.

  • below sample code shows how to call PMPS from a web page using a JavaScript (jQuery)

you need to send “secretKey”. This key will be regenerated when you close PMPS and reopen. So you need to keep easy way that you can change it. Above example is REST service. You can use any other way based on your development methodology where you need to call HTTP POST with authorization header.

printingServiceUrl = "http://localhost:8080/"; is PMPS URL in your device

tmlMessageToPrint = TML data that you want to print.

'Authorization', secretKey = Authorization header code

2. Your invoices / receipts can be any size. PMPS has TML engine which does printing when you pass any type of TML data.

3. Your application can be web application or native android application. You need to call REST service so PMPS will print for you.

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