We (Headquartered in Singapore) engage both the software and quality of high calibre personnel to provide the best IT solutions to all the customers. We offer software services and products with high performance standard, broad skill set and global exposure.         Read More>>

What we offer


Our scope tends to development of software solutions which are scalable, durable and highly maintainable through the best practices of software engineering.

  • Cloud Application Developments - Windows Azure
  • Development of Web Solutions - MVC, ASP.NET, WCF, HTML5, JSON, Web Services, Knockout.js, Node.js
  • Mobile Applications - iOS ,Android, Windows Phone
  • System Intergration - Microsoft BizTalk


We excel in creating and providing unique cloud based ERP product and Mobile POS system.

  • Plenusco ERP - is a vast solution for small and medium sized enterprises.Delivery options have expanded beyond on premise software to include cost-effective options such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud based products.    More Info>>

Work Anywhere

Plenusco develops and markets cloud based SaaS products utilizing Microsoft’s Azure platform. Our products are geared towards the small business owner with a goal of improving operating efficiency. With our applications, businesses can generate transactions and reports using a smart phone, a tablet or a desktop computer. Document printing can be done on any printer from any device.

As you embrace a growing, global, always-on mobile community, the Plenusco helps deliver multi-device content to global users while easily scaling to meet demand & Plenusco uses Microsoft Cloud

High Productivity

Mobile productivity is no longer about carrying a single mobile device—and relying on it to handle all the details of daily life. Now, going mobile means the ability for any user to pick up any device and have instant access to all of their “stuff.” Settings, data, and applications follow the user and flow seamlessly from device to device.

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